After seeing Dr. Tranberg and getting adjustments, she was walking again, she was comfortable, no longer in pain, going for dog walks, participating in our household...just being her old dog self. We found chiropractic care to be a wonderful, additional way to help our animals stay well and maintain their health.
Ellen Grund
Quincy, MA
Video testimonial
One Saturday Bully dislocated a toe, he was limping badly and he had a show the following weekend. On Tuesday we brought him to Dr. Tranberg and she relocated his toe. We rested him Tuesday and Wednesday and by Thursday he was at full strength, running around like he’d never hurt himself. There was no evidence of lameness on Friday and on Saturday he came home with a blue ribbon. Thank you, Dr. Tranberg!
Erin C. Healy & John T. Noyes
Cataumet, Mass.
Dr. Tranberg has been seeing our three year old English Mastiff for over a year. The improvement has been dramatic. Because of his history of Wobblers and a broken hip requiring surgery, many a vet told us his prognosis was terrible. Our primary care vet is astonished that he is doing so well. He is a happy, active dog and we owe much of that to Dr Tranberg's care and guidance.
Elizabeth Steen
Brighton, MA
Dr. Tranberg has been a comforting factor in our lives! She has been working with our adorable dachshund, terrier, chihuahua mix "Skitch" for over two years. As you can imagine, Skitch has a long back and turned out legs. At first, Skitch was very nervous but after only a few treatments, he settled in and now relaxes on my lap while Dr. Tranberg gently and calmly treats him. I can almost see his sigh of relief when she finishes.
Barbara Canney
Cohasset, MA
Chiropractic care is one of the best decisions I’ve made to prevent pain and injury from horseback riding. Just as important, is choosing chiropractic care for my horse, who has shown immediate improvement in his freedom of movement, balance and overall flexibility.
Mara Bartucca
Longmeadow Farm , Scituate, MA
We came home one day to find that our one-year old Shih Tzus, Jack, could not stand on his back legs at all. Jack is now five years old and running and jumping like a crazy man...he still comes for a tune-up with Dr. Tranberg every 12 weeks.
Diane Phinney
Middleboro, MA
My horse is not stuck; he’s more supple and coming out better. He’s not holding his body as tight, and he gives me an all-around better ride.
Wendy Legge
Longmeadow Farm , Scituate, MA
Our neapolitan mastiff underwent surgery and awoke with a terrible pain in her back and hind end. There came a point when even pain medication was not working. A friend recommended we contact Dr. Tranberg, and within four days of her first treatment, we took her off her medication. The difference was incredible!
The Bernier Family
New Bedford, MA
Please accept our thanks for treating our dachshund Rocky. We feel that Rocky has improved steadily over the past six months and we credit you and early intervention...to overcome this painful and life-threatening injury.
Robert & Joanne Mavilia
South Weymouth, MA
Thank you so much Dr. Tranberg. Our experience with you and chiropractic care has been amazing. We will continue to recommend your practice to all of our animal friends.
The Powers Family
West Barnstable, Cape Cod MA